Holistic Farm

Many of the traditional farming skills have fallen out of use in recent decades to the point were these with practical experience of their use are becoming few and far between.    It is becoming clear that it is important to preserve these skills for the benefit of future generations.   These skills are of interest to the growing number of smallholders and people interested in working with nature.  Also global warming and concerns on oil reserves suggest that returning to these techniques may be economic necessity in the future.

Global Warming is not the only problem caused by the dependence of Western society on oil.   Since the 1930's  levels of oil discovered have exceeded that extracted.  But this situation is forecast to change in the near future.   Once it does the experts predict substantial increases in oil prices and more wars started to ensure access to reducing supplies.

Gilfach Wen,  is a small farm which has fortunately never been 'improved' or used for intensive farming practices.  It provides an ideal opportunity for experimentation and assessment of historical techniques and a venue for passing those skills on to others.

A program of courses has been  developed at Gilfach Wen,  Brechfa focusing on practical applications of old skills and natural techniques for land management and animal care.  Many of these courses have been approved by LANTRA who offer grant funding of 50%.   The courses are held in our purpose designed barn and lecture room.

The flock of rare breed Soay sheep have as natural a lifestyle as possible.  They are sold as breeding stock to small holders as well as meat ,  sheep horn and sheepskin rugs being sold direct to the public.

The stone barn has been recently converted into self catering accommodation for individuals and groups.  

This website is currently under development.  Once I have some spare time on a dry day I will take photos to add throughout the site.