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Many Reiki Masters live in cities or urban environments and do not have the facilities to offer training on providing Reiki for animals.   At Gilfach Wen we have a classroom built into one of the barns making it easy to incorporate working with the farm cats,  dogs,  sheep and horses or with your own animals.  

If you are already attuned but would like to also have a one to one training session practicing on different animals that can be arranged.     The training can be tailored to your exact requirements.  If you are a Reiki healer at any level and would like help with the hand positions for each animal that can be taught and practiced.   If you are a Reiki master and would like to understand more about the process and benefits of attuning animals,  then we can cover that.  The training can be taken at your own pace,  if you are allergic to or nervous of a particular animal then we can take that into account.  If you are uncomfortable with working with large animals like horses,  there are a couple of small ponies here who welcome every healing session or attunement.  I accept both students who are happy working with their existing Master but just want a day focusing on working with animals as well as people who what to work with a different Master for whatever reason.

Some Masters believe so strongly in the importance of getting Reiki out in the world that they organize weekend courses taking novice healers through a number of levels within a short period of time or large classes or keep fees down by running large classes and not providing ongoing support after the attunement.    I disagree with both of these methods,  if you feel that you would like to retake an attunement or have additional training and join the Reiki circle based here because you are struggling to apply the training you have already received then it can be arranged. 

Simply contact me via email letting me know what support you need and we can discuss a personalized way forward.



For more information Contact  HolisticFarm@aol.com