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Going Barefoot

There is growing recognition that it is possible to work horses without shoeing them,  and that shoeing horses is not beneficial to a horses health.   This one day event is designed to enable horse owners and equine professionals to understand the practicalities and potential benefits of working their horse or pony without shoes.

  Topics include

Ř      Structure of a hoof

Ř      Key functions of a healthy hoof

Ř      Consequences of shoeing

Ř      The difference between a pasture trim and trimming for performance

Ř      My horse is currently shod and sound,  what is involved in his ‘transition’ to a barefoot horse?

Ř      How can going barefoot help a horse with

o       Laminitis

o       Navicular

o       Poor horn quality

o       Cracks or Seedy Toe

Ř      Addressing common questions and fears including.

o       I was always taught that my horses hooves will chip away if I ride on the roads without shoes. 

o       If my horse looses a shoe he immediately hobbles,  why,  how could he/she cope?

o       Horses have always been shod if they are in work.

o       How much work does my horse have to do every day to ‘condition’ his/her hooves.

o       Do I have to trim my horses hooves,  and is it legal?

  This single day course will not include any training on how to trim a horses hoof.  It is designed as an opportunity to consider the benefits and responsibilities of a horse owner who decides to take a more active role in the care of their horses hooves.

  Jillina Gardiner trained with the European Centre for Hoof Orthopaedics for 2 years to achieve certification as an equine hoof care professional in 2002.  She works with equine physiotherapists,  vets and horse owners in South Wales and South West England trimming performance,  working and lame horses and ponies.   


For more information Contact  HolisticFarm@aol.com