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Lantra is the UK land-based Sector Skills Council, with a 5 year license from the government to develop skills in rural industries including farming, equestrian,  environmental businesses.  In Wales a 50% grant is available for approved courses for farmers, smallholders,  their families and others working in the appropriate industries on a full or part time or casual basis.  

Because of the high level of take up of the grants Lantra have developed a new process requiring grants to be applied for in advance.   While it may sound a little more complex than the old system the forms are very simple and do enable you to obtain 50% funding of the course fees.

The business needs to contact Lantra for a 'SkillCheck',   (a free evaluation of your training needs to develop your business).  Wales@lantra.co.uk

The result will be a referral letter to the business giving details of training providers and the form need to apply in advance for the grant.

Lantra will write to you confirming the financial support allocated and enclosing the form needed to claim the grant after attending the course.  The letter will include a deadline for making the claim.

After attending the course you return the completed claim form,  along with a copy of the invoice and certificate of attendance to Lantra.


For more information Contact  HolisticFarm@aol.com