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Reiki Level II

We will start this one day course with an opportunity to share experiences working with Level I and answer any questions.

We then discuss the changes that will come with increasing the flow of Reiki energy through the process of being attuned to the second level.

At Reiki level II you will be introduced to three symbols which enable you to focus the healing energy and work at a distance.  It may be that you wish to work with a wild animal who would be distressed by hands on,  or you are in a social setting which would make in inappropriate to touch the person needs healing. 

We will discuss the techniques and ethics of sending healing energy to a person or animal who is not in the same room or sending energy to a situation or problem.

Attunement at Level II brings with it a wider spiritual awareness.  We will discuss common area's of interest which link in with Reiki including :-

Manifesting,  the process of asking the universe to draw to you the solutions to your problems.
Channeling,  the process of linking with spirit guides.
Animal communication.

Group sizes are kept small to enable everyone to practice and ask as many questions as they would like. 

Dates of next courses.

Friday May 26th

Saturday June 24th.

Monday July 24th.

Fee.  100 including refreshments and lunch.  This course is eligable for a Lantra grant for qualifying individuals.  Go to www.Lantra.co.uk for further details.



For more information Contact  HolisticFarm@aol.com