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Sheep for sale

Soay sheep are an ideal breed for a small holder or conservation grazing.  The breed has evolved for 4000 years with limited management for most of that time.  They are very hardy and self sufficient making them an ideal breed for a smallholder trying to juggle earning a living with caring for livestock.  They 

molt each summer so do not need to be sheared,  
are excellent mothers 
produce tiny lambs very rarely needing assistance to lamb   
They are small (the average adult ewe weights 25Kg) making them easier to handle than heavier breeds.   
They are happy on poorer quality grazing 
their light weight makes them suitable for conservation grazing

They are very intelligent and if well handled as youngsters can be very tame and easy to train to come to call or follow a bucket.  One of our older ewes stood by a gate watching us clicker training a horse to put his hoof up on a wooden block on command.  As soon as the gate was opened she marched up to the wooden block,  put both front feet on it and looked for her treat.


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