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Working ponies

Many people think of a pair of shires ploughing or a team of horses drawing a hay cart.   In fact even a small pony can successfully help to care for its field or bring firewood up to the house.  Traditionally only the very rich landowner would have been able to afford to have horses that only undertook one task.  The change to having a horse only used for riding for pleasure only became common 70 years ago,  for centuries the farm cob would have worked the land during the week,  been ridden to the public house on a Saturday evening and carried the farmer home again afterwards and then driven the family to the chapel or church on the Sunday.

Working your pony or horse in harness is :-

 more practical and safer on slopes than a quad bike.
 more cost effective than buying/running a quad bike.  
a fun way of fitness training for both of you
a great way of building up a closer relationship
a practical way of building up voice control and 'spook busting'
more fun than sitting by the phone waiting for a contractor to call you back.

Training consists of a one day introduction course looking at the equipment required,  and the tasks that even the smallest pony can successfully perform.  Then students move on to working on a one to one basis with both our own ponies and your own horse.

Details of a schedule for introduction courses will be published in June 2006 following discussion with Lantra.  



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