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The growth in organic farming practices,  economic pressures on small farms,  concerns about environmental issues, growth in the number of smallholders making lifestyle changes and popularity of natural horsemanship have all increased interest in a movement away from 'industrial' farming and livery yards to systems which work with nature.

A program of courses is being developed at Gilfach Wen,  Brechfa focusing on practical applications of natural techniques.  Many of these courses have been approved by LANTRA.   Landowners including smallholders are able to apply for  50% grant funding for all LANTRA approved courses.  For more information on each topic click on the highlighted link.

Herbs were used to control levels of parasites before the development of chemical based wormers.  They can be used to provide essential vitamins and minerals to livestock and so improve the general health of animals and are helpful in managing long-term health problems. 

Working the land with horses is another skill which was common 50 years ago and is worth re-evaluation.   Many smallholders have a pony or horse who could help move hay or  firewood around and could help with bracken bruising or chain harrowing.  Native ponies,  such as Shetlands and Section A's are more fun and much cheaper to run than a quad bike,  and safer to work with on slopes.    While working with a riding horse is a great way of building up your partnership,  building fitness and 'spook' busting.

Reiki  A Japanese healing technique which has proved helpful to both humans and animals.  Courses are open to both newcomers to the technique and practitioners at any level who want to expand their knowledge to include working with animals.  

Is Barefoot right for my horse or pony?  Growing numbers of people are working their horses and ponies without shoes.  While keeping a horse barefoot is without doubt the best option for the equines health it does require more input into the equines care by the owner.  This one day session looks at the benefits and potential problems of going shoeless.

Hoof balance is  critical to enabling your horse to have a pain free life and to perform as well as possible in competitions.  Many behavior problems such as bucking are a horses response to unbalanced hooves.  It is recognized by experts in the farrier profession that a high percentage of persistent muscle problems are caused by poor shoeing.  This one day session in assessing hoof balance is designed for horse owners and people working in equine industries.

The range of courses is being increased as suitable trainers can be located.   If you would like to suggest a topic for a course,  or are interested in presenting a course in our purpose designed lecture room and barn please contact me via email.


For more information Contact  HolisticFarm@aol.com