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Meat for sale

Soay meat is often described as being very similar to venison and commends itself well to gourmet meals where it is slowly cooked with fruit sauces.  The naturally lean carcass produces very high quality lean meat without a muttony flavour and "contains very little cholesterol having an unusually high ratio of polyunsaturated to saturated fats" (Science News, October 1997). 

As the sheep develop slowly,  they live on the farm in as natural conditions as possible for at least 18 months until they reach maturity.  They are free to live in family groups and graze the species rich pasture with minimal food supplements.   While the flock is reared to organic standards,  presently the flock is not registered with an organic certification scheme.  On average only 20  sheep enter the food chain from our flock each year.

I will not sell my animals via an auction,  or into a situation where they are going to be transported long distances before slaughter.  I transport those to be slaughtered to a small local abattoir myself where I know that they will processed within minutes of arriving on site.  Full and half carcasses unbutchered are available at 6.50 per kg leaving the purchaser free to cut as required.  The abattoir also provides a butchers service,  enabling clients to specify how they would like the carcass to be cut for a small additional fee.  Clients can collect the carcass from the butchers or delivery to addresses in London can be arranged for an additional fee.


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